When I look at the world of self defence training I see two issues.

  1. The vast majority of people are stuck in the early 90’s
  2. The vast majority of people are teaching for the types of attacks that took place in the early 90’s


Like it or not the world has moved on and in today’s article we will tell you about 5 important self defence issues that you may not know about.

The thing is, you need to look around and see the changes going on in the world and think ‘how is this going to change my training?’

Hopefully after reading this you may start to have a few ideas of what you can do.

Ready? Let’s do this:


1. Cocaethylene


The above word is terrible to say but even tougher to deal with.

So what is it? Well, Cocaethylene is the substance that your body creates when you mix cocaine with alcohol and the substance is formed in the liver.

What does it do?

The substance encourages a ‘more is better’ approach to drinking and allows the user to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

How does this affect you?

The nature of alcohol and drinking a lot of it means that people end up getting into issues, either health-wise or due to actions.

However from personal experience, I have witnessed people under the effects of Cocaethylene, and they have been extremely violent. People with zero previous convictions have assaulted police officers for no reason.

For you this could mean that you face an aggressive individual who has high pain threshold and if they are a group affected by Cocaethylene you might find yourself having serious issues.


2. Steroid Use Has Increased over 600%


We have all seen the pressure on young men to look ‘great’ and in an age of Instagram and ‘if you haven’t got a six pack then you are not normal.’

However behind that has seen a 600% increase in steroid abuse but just one visit to a local gym will tell you that, the numbers just reinforce what you already know.

So why should this matter to you?

Well, steroid abuse causes aggression, and when you start to mix aggression with the enhanced strength, you have issues if you apply your self-defence skills.

I have had a chance to grapple with steroid users, and it is true they are exceptionally strong!

Your techniques need to match this extra strength and you need a plan!


3. There Are Less Police Now

Less Police

A global recession has meant that most of the world has had to decrease their police numbers due to budget cuts.

Violent crime in the UK rose by more than 27% in 2014- 2015, and there has been a steady decline in some police officers with around 40,000 fewer officers between 2010 and 2016.

What does this mean to you?

Well, it is tough to say, but less police is never a good thing, but potentially you might have to wait longer for officers to come to your aid. Although this is guess work, I think it is fair to say that less police is always going to have a backlash with crime and potential increases in crime.


4. Kids Are Better Fighters Than Ever Before

Kids Are Better Fighters



Like it or not we are in the internet era, and people have the ability to ‘self-teach’ a lot of things including violent techniques.

Just because a street thug won’t go to an MMA class does not mean that they will not be watching YouTube techniques and learning arm locks and rear naked chokes.

If you go online, you can see school kids fighting in parks using MMA techniques. Now these will  kids grow up into young adults!

Schoolyard brawls are one thing but as these kids age you will have a generation of 18 to 25-year-olds who know the difference between a triangle choke and a rear naked one.

The question is, if you get taken down do you know what to do?


5. Potential Reduced Prison Sentences

Reduced Prison Sentences

Prison across the world are bursting at the seams, in fact in 2016 in the UK prisons are going to have to reduce their populations

Now although this is once again ‘speculation’ we recently saw a female given a suspended sentence for stabbing a male in the eye with a shoecausing injury.

So speculation or not, a rise in crime and reduced spending on prisons could spell trouble.

There are a lot of nasty people out there looking to make a reputation for themselves by inflicting harm upon another human being and most are prepared to do a little time to ‘grow’ that reputation.



You may be wondering what this means for you?

In essence, it means that you need to train with the understanding that you might be attacked by someone stronger, with higher pain threshold and intoxicated.

They may be skilled, and if you think the police will automatically get to you in a short amount of time, you may be very wrong. Also, deterrents like prison sentences may be less powerful as prisons look to reduce their populations.

In basic terms, you need to take responsibility for your safety and the safety of people who are with you.

You need to ask yourself ‘can I protect myself’ and if the answer is no, you need to go out and change this.

That is what Defence Lab is for. We provide the knowledge and skills that will help you to become successful in self-protection.

Thanks for reading.


If you are training in or thinking of training in Defence Lab you would be forgiven for thinking that it is all  about the elbows and hammers. However, that isn’t the case.

One of the unique elements of Defence Lab is its ‘power’ generation  system.


Andy Norman, the founder of Defence Lab will actually say “If you hit like Mike Tyson on your feet, you  need to be like Mike Tyson on the ground and on your knee’s”. The  basic premise here is to hit hard from any position but how do you actually achieve this?



How to Hit Really Hard


If you are now used to seeing Defence Lab in action via the On-line learning packs or the free videos here at Defence Lab.com you will know that body mechanics are essential to your training. Yes speed is great and it is an asset but the ability to hit hard comes from hard work and the study of  body mechanics and not just punching speed. If you have good body mechanics then you will be able to hit harder from any position.


I have made no secret that I came to Defence Lab via a process and it is this:

  • Boxing
  • Vale Tudo/ MMA
  • Submission Grappling
  • Judo
  • KFM
  • Defence Lab


The above represents my journey in martial arts and  it would be fair to say that all  of those  arts are at the higher end of the food chain in terms of  street applications.  That was always my goal, to be able to protect myself and my loved ones so everything I ever learned had to be easily translated  into self-defence. By this I mean that I  needed to be able to take elements from each art and  use them in the street, and I  did  but you have to understand that Defence Lab wasn’t around back in those days. If  it was I would  have been spared from having a broken tooth, nose, cheekbone and multiple other injuries that come from doing those types of sports


Trust me when I say this; what I love about Defence Lab is that it takes the core elements from my favourite martial arts and adds its own unique elements.  My personal schedule at one point was training 6 days a week- Boxing, Judo and Vale Tudo training. It was crazy but looking back Defence Lab would have easily  given me what I was looking for.


Power-  Big Power


One of the biggest barriers in self defence training is learning how to  hit hard. Power is essential and by this I dont mean you all have to hit like a baby Rhino, you need to strike with enough power so that any attacker will be rocked.  On you back, on your knees and on your feet. But how exactly do you do this?

If you go to physics  and look at how force is generated.


Mass x Acceleration= Force


So you have to think of your fist, elbow or anything else as a’mass’  and you need to accelerate that object. However, this is only part of the puzzle because as we know this would mean the person with the fastest hand speed would hit harder and  we simply know this isn’t the case.


Weight, timing, strength and even muscle fibres  all come into play when we talk about ‘power punching’ but above all this body mechanics is the core of  power striking. In 20 years of boxing and martial arts training, I can tell you that Defence Lab cracked the power generation code with its amazing use and study of Body Mechanics.



If you take a look at Paul ‘The Demolition Man’ Strauther who is one of the highest ranking DL crew members  you will see amazing body mechanics on display. Now please note, this  isn’t about saying Paul  hits harder than Lennox Lewis- Paul  hits as  hard as he physically can! This is the key here, we all have a maximum power threshold based on our size,  strength, weight and our DNA. The key is to improve your body mechanics to get you hitting as hard as YOU can.



Ducking and Diving


When I first experienced Defence Labs power generation method I was immediately  taken back to boxing. I know Andy Norman has studied boxing and its easy to see. Even in the basic Defence Lab drills we see  ‘plyometric loading’ in the striking.  As a result, the body mechanics  are not that different from that seen in power punchers such as Nigel Benn, Mike Tyson or Rocky Marciano

Lets Take a look at each individual boxer:

First a classic look at Nigel Benn delivering a knockout blow;

nigel benn 1


You can see here that Nigel Benn has started to lower his weight as he loads his body power via rotation.

nigel benn 2


Now look at his body, now the weight has dropped and he has started to circle his body ready to drive power into his strike

nigel benn 3


Here Nigel has popped up and his arm and body is full of plyometric power to unleash

nigel benn 4


The result is  clear to see.  You can watch this and other Nigel Benn knock outs on the video below, study him to see a power puncher in action  and you will easily spot similarities to how DL students train and move:

And  next we look at Nigel Benn on the pads- notice his power  generation with the hips and  waist:



If we look at Mike Tyson we see similar  body mechanics on display where he combines Defence into Attack:


Rocky Marciano  was  another classic example, although his body mechanics are not  as pronounced in the video you will  see he often drops his  weight and loads up for the power shot, its a  very slight movement compared to DL and Nigel  Benn but look closely  and you will see it.


So what has this got to do with you?


Well if you train Defence lab you  need to focus on your body mechanics because this is what will lead to your results.


Do you have 5 men attacking you?  How are you going to stop them?

Well using your shapes and combined with explosive power you will be able to hit hard and this changes everything. Power makes eveyone  think twice before attacking you with another strike. Hitting them hard makes them stop in their tracks.


What to Focus on in Class


When you go to training what do you think of?


Nothing?    The trainer?    The training partner?


You are wrong if you do any of these things. You need to make your training environment real and put pressure on yourself if you  want to develop quickly. This is the key to rapid development.


When you hit the pads, in your mind are you are hitting the man who is attacking you?  When you hit the pads to need to ask yourself “was that with the right intensity? Was that really good enough? If not then you do better with the next shot.


This micro focus compounds and by the end of the session you haven’t  just trained DL you have actually fought 20 people and landed dozens of strikes! It is this mentality that will give you an edge.

Tips and Techniques

When Andy Norman created Defence Lab, he did so after  a lifetime of study and training and everything has a purpose. The body mechanics are your core. They power your striking, but this wont happen over night. You need  to develop it over time and  this itself  takes effort.


If you want to make your striking amazing then you will need to mentally focus  on this and study. This goes beyond your training in class and you do it  each day, multiple times a day.  Work on your body mechanics when you are cleaning your teeth, when you go to the bathroom, when you walk to the kitchen to get a drink  and any other  chance you get. This adds up and before you know it you are getting better, faster.


Now if you are reading this and expecting me to tell you exactly what to do to hit hard, well I already have. Work on your  body  mechanics- it is that simple. No one is going to swoop down and with one touch make you a harder striker.  You have to study, put the time in and  go from there.


Watch Video

In this article I have placed videos of experts in boxing and you should literally wear those videos out (if they would have been on VHS). I wore out hundreds of boxing videos when I was a boxer. Now you live in digital age and you should make the most of these types of resources.  Defence Lab now has a lot of free and paid for videos  that you can learn from. These have taken time and effort to develop but let;s be clear these are not just entertainment to watch on a Friday night. These are professional training tools.


If you read a book or watch an instructional DVD then you will have wasted your time if you do not take ACTION!!!


So what is action? Well it is you actually taking he information and using it. So here is some real advice on getting the most out of any training;

1. Get a Notebook

2. Make  detailed  notes about what you see

3. Go and practise on your own time


It sounds too simple to be true but trust me its effective.  This is how you will get better far faster.  Now go  and access the free DL training videos and analyse them. Watch how Team storm members Grek, Ruben and Paul move and make notes then work on it.

To be a power striker takes  time and effort but you CAN achieve this if you out in  the time.


Train hard, punch hard and focus on your mechanics folks


Until next time.





Are You Fit  Enough To Protect Yourself or Your Family?

I hear it all the time, “real fights only last 60 seconds”.


To this, I say “Time is relative”.

OK this is cryptic I admit so let’s dig down to  what I  mean.

It doesn’t matter if you are old or young health and fitness are important and they form part of Defence Lab’s overall  training and strategy and there is good reason for this because fitness is essential to self-defence,  no matter what anyone tries to tell you.

Fitness and Weight are Two Different Things

The video below shows George Foreman aged 45 taking on Michael Moorer  for the heavyweight championship of the world. What is shocking to see is  that George does not have the ripped physique that we see  these days on almost  every source of media  there is:

So if a slightly rotund George Foreman can win the heavyweight title what does this tell you?


Well it is  fairly simple, fitness does not mean that you have a six pack,  it has  to be specific to what you are training for however inherent  to this is a risk that you only train to fight for 60 seconds!!


Earlier I wrote that time is relative, and from this I refer to  Albert Einsteins theory of relativity. Now  I am no scientist but let me just break it down into self-defence terms. A fight where you are losing feels  like it goes on for  10 minutes and not 60 seconds.


Now here is a  fact that unless you have ever had a real fight  you wouldnt know. When  it comes to a real self defence situation your body undergoes  huge changes, your heart will beat a lot faster and the adrenaline will flow. This ain’t sport!!


So if you can fight for 60 seconds in the Lab or gym and then you get tired.  In the ‘street’ you will get tired after 10 seconds!


Why? Because real fighting is like a sprint and  not a marathon!

Sprint Finish



The above video shows Usain Bolt- the fastest man on the planet winning a race in just under 10 seconds. Now look at the sheer energy expanded in this situation. Now that was just 10  seconds!!! Imagine sprinting  hard for 60 seconds, because that is exactly what you would do in a ‘real fight’.


There is a mistaken belief out there that self defence training should be ‘easy’ because fights dont last long, but lets break this down into a real scenario.

No one Steps In  To Help


Self defence situations tend to last 60 seconds or less because of a few things,  firstly  a bystander or  third  party steps in. Secondly one of the people land a serious  strike causing injury and or one of the people involved is vastly more skilled than the other, be that due to natural or trained skill. The final  part is  that one of the participants  is heavily intoxicated.


In these situations, fights can actually last between 3 to 10 seconds in my personal experience.


However, there exists another situation and this is quite frightening and I call it the ‘zero interference’ situation.


In this instance,  no one lands a telling shot, both people are of high skill level, no one interferes and or  you may end up in a  grappling situation or even on the floor!


These situations are far more common than people think and it is here that you will be tested and it is your fitness that will help see you through when combined with good skills.


Imagine if you were walking home one night and you got attacked and you  were on your own. The group attacking  you will only stop when they want to!! Unless you can fight your way out of the situation. This is going to require stamina, and if you don’t have the stamina then you aren’t going to be able to last!!


When it comes to fitness and certainly the ability to survive and altercation no one is saying you have to be ‘ripped’ and as  fit as a  UFC fighter.  However, you  do need to certainly be able to last if you were attacked.


Fitness is specific so quite simply  you will  not develop the level of fitness  you require if you aren’t getting down to the lab for training!


The moral of this post is simple- get down to your local lab or school to get training. Otherwise you may find the gas tank empty when  it really ‘hits the fan’.


Take care and train hard.


Young man being mugged in a dark tunnel

Violence is scary.

I mean ‘crap your pants’ and wish you were somewhere else scary.

Don’t fall into the trap of hearing people with ‘some’ experience of violence tell you that it is easy if you do ‘this’ or train in their system.

The truth is that in any violent encounter you could be seriously or even fatally injured.

And that is before you even talk about life changing injuries.

The whole subject of life changing injuries is one that has many a person, and instructor confused. So let’s address it.

Just because you survive a violent encounter and come out on top physically, it does not mean that you have not been hurt.

Let us say that you get punched in the face, and your jaw gets broken.
You win the fight, but you end up going to the hospital where they tell you that you will have to have surgery.

But hold on, you have to work tomorrow. Your boss will sack you if you don’t turn up.

It doesn’t even have to be that bad.

Your nose could get badly broken and change the way you look or in one real life example I remember seeing an 18-year-old lad whose front teeth were broken in half after being punched in the face.

He hated the way he looked and would need to spend thousands on dental treatment.

But you still see the internet filled with self-defence and martial arts instructors who talk about violence as if it was a sparring session.

The truth is that reality hurts.

The Punch You Won’t See Hurts You

In all the years I worked as a cop one thing was always clear, the punch you don’t see coming is the one that gets you.

Time after time I saw both in the flesh and on CCTV, situations where a guy or girl was knocked out by a punch they never saw.

Those single punches often caused serious life changing injuries on their own, but that wasn’t enough the attackers followed through with punches and or kicks.

Sometimes it was clear that the person knocked out had skills.

For years I often wondered what the solution was to this issue.

I mean how could a strong, trained fighter get taken out so easily by one punch?

The answer, was to come in the form of Shape Shifting

Why We Shape Shift

For those of you training in Defence Lab then you will know this, however,plenty of people do not really grasp what DL is.

When I first started to look at the mass attacks that I was seeing so often I realised one thing.

That was the need for 360-degree defence while still being able to attack. I tried several variations that failed until I met with Andy Norman and he showed me a trick or two.

The penny dropped and shape-shifting became part of my training from that day forth.

So what is shape shifting?

It is really hard to answer that without a video but you will be able to learn it all in the new online university coming soon.

But if I were to do an elevator pitch I would say this:

“Shapeshifting is the way you can protect yourself from multiple attacks while still being able to produce fast and powerful attacks.”

I appreciate this is not much of an answer but without seeing or experiencing the way shape-shifting works you just can’t appreciate it

When a DL student learns the shapes in the syllabus, they soon see that their body is a weapon and just like a jagged rock face you will see how you can resist and break someone trying to conquer you by using your skeletal structure to its most effective.

So for those of you wondering if DL is effective, worry not.

DL was created to deal with the worst situations you can face, and as such new techniques were created, tested and born from reality.

Until next time Shape Shifters


instructor group

The beginning of June saw the latest Defence Lab Instructor weekend in Derby. These weekends enable the Senior Leadership team to get together with the UK and European Instructors in order to provide training .

Saturday started with a morning session on business skills and after lunch we had the chance to train in the new product Defence Lab will be offering to train in, ‘Combat sports’, superb training session with Javier and Jose from Spain.


Sunday similar session again in the morning however we had been joined by the Certified Instructor Trainers, followed by a further in depth training session on ‘Combat Sports’

It was a very tiring weekend lots of pad smashing but very worthwhile. I would like to thank Andy Norman, Grek and Paul (DL Crew) for all they do to make us Instructors better and better each time. These guys are not just super martial artists but also amazing individuals as people, and it’s awesome to be always learning from the best which in turn we can then pass onto our students.

Future is definitely black and green! 


The self-defence world is full of opinions, and this joke sums it up.

“How many self-defence instructors does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

“The answer is 100. One to change the bulb and 99 to say it would not work on the street.”

I could go online right now and check Facebook or a forum and see people talking about what would or wouldn’t work in a real self-defence situation.

Sadly I am on the end of the conversations where people with zero experience in real violence try and tell me (an ex-cop of 17  years) what does and does not work in real life.

However, even after years of self-defence training, real experience and martial arts competitions; it took just one Defence Lab drill to make me see how vulnerable I was.

The drill?

Defence Lab calls it the four-man box.

What Is The 4 Man Box


Can you hit hard?

If so that is great. Now, have a training partner stand in front of you with the pads and hit them as hard as you can.

This gives you a really good feeling that you can protect yourself.

Now go and grab three other training partners and have them stand at the sides and behind you.

Give them a set of focus mitts and tell them to see if they can hit you while you still hit the pads of the guy in front.


Now I know what will happen when you do this with 99% of self-defence training; the answer is you will get hit, a lot!

OK so these are just focused pads, but in 1 minute and using just one drill you will see that your training is ineffective when confronted with more than one attacker.

This is a sobering thought for anyone and to be honest, this is now the industry standard test.

So what happens when you put your current training through this drill?

Right now you might be imagining your current skill set and think “I would grab here, move this way or do this”.

Stop thinking like this.

Self-defence has one simple truth; If they hit you hard, in the head, it is all over!

Once the ‘lights are out’ you can no longer defend yourself.

There is no escaping from this.

I have used this drill numerous times over the years to educate people on ‘what works’ and every time I use the drill people look shocked.

It is as if you have just reduced them to 5 years of age and stolen their puppy.

The thing is, I too was like that.

When I first tried the four-man box, I remember driving home and thinking to myself that my skill set sucked and if I was ever confronted by a group I hope they attacked me in a single file line.

So what is the solution?

Train For Reality Not Fantasy

Some time ago I heard an instructor talking about how all techniques should work with the idea the attacker has a knife.

I watched a demo of their slick skills which they had honed and then said: “OK that’s great, lets try that with four people, who all have knives.”

The instructor said straight away “but it won’t work with four people.”

And that was my point entirely. The minute you add numbers to the self-defence situation, it becomes more complicated.

This is the sad truth about the self-defence industry; people sell the ideal world.

They are selling the ‘if you grab here, do this and that’ then you will be safe and win.

The reality is that every self-defence situation could end your life. You could get hit by one punch and be knocked out, hit your head on the floor on the way down.

You could be stabbed by multiple attackers.

The attacker could have a knuckle duster

The list goes on, and the amount of potential variables in self-defence are staggering.

This is one of the core reasons I chose Defence Lab and what separates it from 99% of the other systems out there.

There is no ‘sell’ of what works and what doesn’t.

There is the investigation.

This is why we are called Defence Lab. It is a laboratory of self-defence.

Every Lab is a place where people can learn what does and doesn’t work, without the risk of being hurt and the 4 man box is just one example of this area of study.

The founder of Defence Lab is Andy Norman, and if you have ever met or spent time with Andy, you will know why he is considered one of the best self-defence instructors of all time.

Andy spends lots of time looking at situations, experimenting and checking out what works, and how things work when you add some pressure.

It is this approach that has lead to the constant innovation of Defence Lab as can be seen with techniques such as the Razor and many others.

For the first time, you are going to be able to learn the drills and techniques of  Defence Lab from anywhere in the world when the new Defence Lab online university goes live! It is within the programme you will start to see why so many people are training and teaching Defence Lab.

So what should you do now?

Go out and test your training by placing yourself in the 4 man box. Ask yourself how many times you are hit, could you survive with your current level of training and what options do you have?

The DL Online Lab is coming very soon, get ready for something truly special and until then check out the 4 man box below in this DL clip:


There are a lot of self-defence systems out there promising the earth and most have marketing tag lines to match:

“the most comprehensive reality based self-defense system in the world today.”

“Global leaders in self-defence.”

“the most effective self-defence system available today.”

“the most eye-opening & rewarding self-defense system for the REAL world.”

All the above taglines are taken from the marketing material of different self-defence systems. But it begs the question:

Which should you choose?

In this article, we look at what you need to consider when choosing a street self-defence system and also look at what makes Defence Lab so good.


No Returns For Faulty Goods

If you buy a TV or any other item, and it does not work, you take it back.

Also, when you purchase a service, you stop paying if it does not live up to expectations

However when it comes to self-defence training, you pay with the goal of it working if you ever need it, it is a bit like house insurance.

Because of this, people can invest in years of training with no idea if the product is going to deliver on its promise. So how do you know if the training you are receiving works?

The answer is ‘you don’t’.

This leads us to the ultimate question: If you don’t know which system will work, how are you going to choose?


How To Choose A Self Defence System That Works For You

When I was a young man I boxed two days a week, did Vale Tudo on Tuesday and Judo on a Friday.

By anyone’s standards, this  is a lot of training, and as you would expect I was pretty good at looking after myself. However now I am 37 things have changed.

I have two kids, and I can’t just go out of the house six days a week, and to be honest, I don’t want to go to the local MMA club to fight and train with 20-year-old lads who want to be the next star of the UFC.

This is the first part of choosing a self-defence system. It must fit in with your current lifestyle.

Now this is different than trying to do the minimum. I know of people who sell 6-hour self-defence courses that create a false sense of security into the student.

The self-defence industry has to have morals, otherwise, it is merely selling imagination and not reality.

If you truly are concerned about your safety or your ability to protect your loved ones, you will not find solutions in a few hours. You need to realise that it can take years to become really good at self-defence.

So when picking a self-defence system, you must take into consideration that you will have to dedicate some time to training.


You Must Choose A System That Is Physically Right For You

After you take a look at your lifestyle, you need to look at how a system fits in with your physical ability.

For example, I do Judo as well as DL. Judo can be hard on the body. I also did boxing for years as well, and that can be tough on the face.

If you work in certain jobs, the thought of coming into work with black eyes might not sound appealing.

Also, if you have hip or back issues, then certain activities are not going to be right for you.

Assess the risks by speaking to the instructor and checking things out.


Choose A System That Addresses Reality

If you get this far, and you are looking at a system that seems to fit your needs, there are two more hurdles.

Does the system address reality?

Now many people take the term ‘reality-based self-defence’ and think of just their reality.

However, a good system will address all aspects.

Knife Defence, gang attack, grapplers, strikers, MMA skilled opponents and more.


Evolution Is A Must

The final aspect of what makes up a great self-defence system is evolution.

Does the system you have chosen ever evolve?

This is something that is focused on a great deal in Defence Lab. As a result of many closed-door sessions, Andy Norman is evolving the system so that everyone has more tools in their arsenal of self-defence skills.


So Why Did I  Choose Defence Lab?

A lot of people come to me for advice and one of the questions is “what self-defence system should I do?”

The answer is Defence Lab. I never say any other style is better.

For some people, this is a tough pill to swallow. After all, many people cling to self-defence systems like an Alien Face Hugger attaches to its next victim!

After 17 years of police work, boxing, Judo, Russian Sambo, KFM, and Vale Tudo Training I know that Defence Lab is the best system of self-defence out there.


Because it addresses everything that you need to know about defending yourself.

That is not to say that other systems won’t evolve, or that they don’t also address everything. However, from MMA, to group attack, I am yet to see a more complete system of self-protection on the market.

Sure, people can think I am telling lies, or that I have been paid to say this. However, if that were the case I wouldn’t be teaching my son Defence Lab at home, would I!

Now this is of course just my opinion, and many I am sure will disagree. However for those on the fence, you will be able to see inside Defence Lab for the first time in the coming months.

The DL-Online University will be opening its doors and you will be able to see what makes me so proud to be part of Defence Lab.

Packed with techniques and training by Andy Norman himself, you will be amazed and it is on its way.

Thanks for reading

The Shape Shifter  Team