Richard Portman – Lead Instructor


Rich started training with Andy in 2003 – since then he has achieved a very high level of physical skill in the Defence Lab training earning his 3rd degree Black Belt in November 2013. Rich is also an International Ambassador for Defence Lab due to his knowledge and understanding of the DL methods, concepts and applications. Over this time Rich has taught the full spectrum of clients from regular classes for civilians (adults and children) right through to Police skills trainers and officers of the Law and military personnel.
“I have a huge passion for Defence Lab and helping others to achieve their goals. The DL training for me has helped my life in numerous ways from a boost in self-confidence and esteem through to traveling the world and educating others.
Some highlights have been teaching on the New York Open Seminar to over 100 people alongside Andy Norman, Bob Breen, Phil Norman, Eddie Quinn.
Also meeting and training with HOLLYWOOD stunt doubles Buster Reeves and Mark Motram. Who have played Christian Bale and Liam Neeson’s stunt doubles in various films”

Martin Stew – Instructor


Martin started his journey as a student back in 2006 under the tutelage of James Boyle at Defence Lab Kidderminster.  Even as a student Martin was a great ambassador for Defence Lab, bringing in friends and family to share and enjoy the learning and training experience.

Martin has currently taken his training through to first degree black belt level before beginning his instructor journey under Richard and transmitting his knowledge back to others.

Firstly, to adults and later on in the children’s classes also.

“I’ve always immensely enjoyed my self-defence training as it challenges me both physically and mentally.  For me as a student it was about getting fit and active whilst learning how to protect myself.  Now, as an instructor, it’s about motivating others to do the same and constantly working on better ways to transmit what I’ve learnt and continue to learn, to people of all ages.

Mandy Mitchell – CIT


Martin Hewlett – CIT


Andy Norman

Andy-Norman-PicLearn about Andy Norman, the founder of Defence Lab and the DNA Fight Science System,