instructor group

The beginning of June saw the latest Defence Lab Instructor weekend in Derby. These weekends enable the Senior Leadership team to get together with the UK and European Instructors in order to provide training .

Saturday started with a morning session on business skills and after lunch we had the chance to train in the new product Defence Lab will be offering to train in, ‘Combat sports’, superb training session with Javier and Jose from Spain.


Sunday similar session again in the morning however we had been joined by the Certified Instructor Trainers, followed by a further in depth training session on ‘Combat Sports’

It was a very tiring weekend lots of pad smashing but very worthwhile. I would like to thank Andy Norman, Grek and Paul (DL Crew) for all they do to make us Instructors better and better each time. These guys are not just super martial artists but also amazing individuals as people, and it’s awesome to be always learning from the best which in turn we can then pass onto our students.

Future is definitely black and green!