Defence Lab has grown quickly.  We have Labs all over the world, but even with our current number of labs, we just can not meet the global demand for our training information.

It was for this reason that Andy Norman decided to create the most comprehensive self-defence training system in the world today and make it available online.

This idea gave birth to the Defence Lab Virtual HQ.

Filmed using state of the art camera technology, multiple angles and awesome sound. This training programme is like nothing seen before in self-defence.

So what is it about?

Once you join the monthly membership programme, you will receive access to week one. The HQ uses ‘drip feed’ technology so that you will never be overwhelmed with information.  Month 1 comes at you with a fantastic 64 videos alone, so we will be bringing you the videos to you in the correct learning order.

This means that you will be able to learn at your speed but also in the right order. Building layer upon layer of technique and knowledge.

But what is it? Fighting? Self-defence? MMA? KFM? Or JKD?

This is the great part; Defence Lab has been called many things over the years by people who have never experienced what we do, now everyone has the chance to see what makes us so unique in our approach to street effective self defence.

You will see our unique approach to learning and also learn techniques never before seen on camera anywhere.

But does Andy Norman teach?

The answer to this is YES. Andy is showing everything in step by step. The man that taught Liam Neeson both in film and in his spare time, trained Tom Cruise and Christian Bale is now teaching you.

Andy has spent a lifetime training and teaching martial arts, and this experimentation and knowledge have allowed Defence Lab to grow into an amazing street combat system.

So what is inside?

Once logged in you will find a number of folders, each folder containing videos, and we add more every week.

Andy himself has prepared a superb walk through of the contents which you can watch in the link below.

But before you go and do this, remember this. We have added some material that you can access right now to give you a taste of the Virtual HQ at zero cost.

That’s right…free!

All you need to do is go and check it out and click the sales page for more information and access the free content.

So click here and check out our Virtual HQ system, you will not be disappointed.