This video shows Martial Arts Experts Bob Breen, Eddie Quinn, Bob Sykes and Phil Norman give their views on Defence Lab at the recent Defence Lab conference. Bob Breen is the creator of 4D Combat and is a world authority on JKD. Phil Norman is an MMA and martial arts expert and the creator of Ghost- an innovative striking system for combat sports and Eddie Quinn who is the creator of the Approach. His method is being used by security experts and bodyguards across the globe . In addition Bob Sykes, martial arts expert and Editor of the worlds leading martial arts magazine Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI) who has seen almost every expert in the martial arts. All of these leading icons in martial arts endorse Defence Lab and its creator Andy Norman. Watch the video and see for yourself and to find out more on Defence Lab got to and to see what Hollywood superstar Liam Neeson thinks about Defence Lab go to

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